John Vining
Welcome .  Thank you for visiting  I am somewhat of a renaissance man with many skills and interests. I began my professional life as a folksinger but found out after studiing voice in my freshman year of college that I had an operatic gift.  When I was 19 I had a chance to study with Boris Goldovsky and began a 15 year career in Opera. When I met my Wife Linda she brought me back to the world of folk music as we embarked on a life of performing for audiences from New York to Indiana.

We recorded several CD's and had a great time but as children grew we realized why we left the East.  Time with our girls has become a priority and both Linda and I are working close to home.  8 years ago I became the music director at St. Vincent school in Mount Vernon.  I have an unusual background for an elementary music teacher but I believe young children deserve to have the best musicians as their primary music teachers.  I try to insure that each one of them possess a love for music that will last a lifetime.  
I have worked in factories, the garment district, sung for two Presidents, got a pilot's license, sailed a bunch of different boats all over the great lakes and on the Atlantic, once sailed a windsurfer from Huntington NY to Norwalk CT and back, started and Opera company, sang at Lincoln Center, directed a lot of musicals, taught a whole bunch of kids to sing and love music and all the time I have had more fun in half a lifetime than I ever deserve and I thank God for every glorious moment.
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